EXTREME SPORTS ART: Baseball, Hockey and Track

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EXTREME SPORTS ART: Baseball, Hockey and Track

Starting in 2015 students, attendees will get a pre-training video to prepare them for the workshop. This will also go out in final product for video option.

All source images and materials included for both attending and Video option
You will also receive an updated version of the General class notes for all classes.
3 projects will be accomplished Baseball, Hockey and Track

Skill Level: Intermediate (you just need to understand where your tools are Located)

My Teaching style is great for beginner or advanced.
If you are one of the lucky ones to get an attending seat then you will get both workshop and videos.

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Dramatic lighting
Building backgrounds from scratch
Color Harmony
Traditional techniques emulated digitally
Traditional techniques applied on printed image
Painting in Photoshop
Painting in Corel Painter
Photoshop compositing
Emotional connection with concept
Digital output
Fine art presentation

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Files Included

  1. Download Sturdevant Class Training Video.mp4
  2. Day 1 Extreme Sports 1.mp4
  3. Day 1 Extreme Sports 2.mp4
  4. Day 1 Extreme Sports 3.mp4
  5. Day 1 Extreme Sports 4.mp4
  6. Day 1 Extreme Sports 5.mp4
  7. Day 1 Extreme Sports 6.mp4
  8. Day 1 Extreme Sports 7.mp4
  9. Day 1 Extreme Sports 8.mp4
  10. Day 1 Extreme Sports 9.mp4
  11. Day 1 Extreme Sports 10.mp4
  12. Day 2 Extreme Sports 11.mp4
  13. Day 2 Extreme Sports 12.mp4
  14. Day 2 Extreme Sports 13.mp4
  15. Day 2 Extreme Sports 14.mp4
  16. Day 2 Extreme Sports 15.mp4
  17. Day 2 Extreme Sports 16.mp4
  18. Day 2 Extreme Sports 17.mp4
  19. Day 2 Extreme Sports 18.mp4
  20. Day 2 Extreme Sports 19.mp4
  21. Day 2 Extreme Sports 20.mp4
  22. Day 2 Extreme Sports 21.mp4
  23. Download Hocket Goalie.zip
  24. Download Source.zip
  25. Download Tools.zip
  26. Download Track Sprinter.zip
  27. Download The Slugger.zip
  28. Download Extreme Victory Picthers Mound.psd
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Should you have any technical difficulties with the downloads, please reply to support@sturdavinci.com.

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  • Product: 2 Day Complete Workshop
  • Course Theme: Extreme Sports, Compositing and Painting
  • To be recorded: March 2015
  • Software Required: Photoshop CS6 or above, Corel Painter 12 or above
  • Materials: All project source images and materials included
  • Course Time: Approx. 12 hours
  • Product Type: Digital Download available in your account upon purchase
  • Operating System: Mac and PC
  • Plugins [optional]: Nik Efex Pro, Topaz
  • Recommended Tools: Wacom Pen Tablet