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Sports Art Backgrounds includes everything you need to take your sports photography to the next level! Over 40 items – backgrounds, templates, and elements, in layered PSD format to streamline workflow and make personalization quick and easy. Also included is Richard’s video tutorial that takes you step-by-step on how to make the most of Sports Art Backgrounds.



The Newly Upgraded Sports Art Backgrounds includes:
15 backgrounds
2 individual storefront poster templates
2 memory mate templates
1 football program cover
1 basketball program cover
2 team poster templates
18 layered elements

Golf and Lacrosse designs are included in the newly upgraded version, and existing backgrounds have been upgraded to include elements such as fog, smoke, and fire!

All posters are in PSD format with sports elements that can be turned on or off to suit the needs of your client, team or individual athlete!


Files Included

  1. Download SDV_Sports_ Elements
  2. Download SDV_Sports_ Elements
  3. Download SDV_Sports_BG
  4. Download SDV_Sports_BG
  5. Download Sturdevant Remove BG
  6. Download SDV_Sports_ Art Program Cover and

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