Shine Like a Diamond! – Sports

Shine Like a Diamond! – Sports 2-Day Workshop
With Richard Sturdevant

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Shine Like a Diamond!–Sports was a 2 Day Workshop held in 2018 that focused on creating hyper-realistic sports composites using the techniques of 11-time Diamond Winner Richard Sturdevant. Enjoy step-by-step hands-on instruction from concept, staging with a Live Sports Model, lighting, and extraction to illustration, painting, and finishing techniques.

When it comes to sports composition, Richard’s techniques are proven to win over your clients. This class is designed to teach you how to further your skills, win over your community, but, most of all, revisit your love of your art.


This is going to be a very intense class that will benefit you for years to come. We are creating art and Richard will show you how by:

  • Conception
  • Resource gathering
  • Light creation and lighting to fit the scene
  • Using the right angle of view
  • Extraction
  • Composition
  • Color theory and Harmony
  • Illustration techniques that can be used on any image
  • Plug-in techniques
  • PS Painting techniques
  • Proven finishing techniques and presentation
  • You will receive all class materials, tools, brushes, backgrounds, elements, and source images
  • Last but not least the whole workshop will be filmed and screen captured so you can relive the class as many times as you like. This will only be available to those in the workshop.



Files Included

  1. Download Shine+Sports+2017.psd
  2. Download SHINE+SPORTS+Blake+in+chains.psd
  3. Download Shine+Like+a+Diamond+Sports+2+Day+Workshop.docx
  4. Download Haylee+Rhino+Jump+2+Final+FB.jpg
  5. Download Blake+Power+clean+fb.jpg
  6. Download JFND-Demo+Sync.jpg
  7. Download Super+Warren+FB.jpg
  8. Download Grit+1_true+Grit.jpg
  9. Download The+Slugger+Full+FB.jpg
  10. Download Shine+Sports+1.mp4
  11. Download Shine+Sports+2.mp4
  12. Download Shine+Sports+3.mp4
  13. Download Shine+Sports+4.mp4
  14. Download Shine+Sports+5.mp4
  15. Download DSC_3759+class.psd
  16. Download maxresdefault.jpg
  17. Download DSC_3797.psd
  18. Download DSC_3744-Orig.psd
  19. Download DSC_3781.psd
  20. Download DSC_3750.psd
  21. Download DSC_3759.psd
  22. Download RelentlessFitnessTraining-3d+2.psd
  23. Download Tough+Enough+VBall+Banner.psd
  24. Download Tough+Enough+landscape+Vball.psd
  25. Download DSC_3744.psd

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