Sports Art Intensive Workshop 2

Sports Art Intensive Workshop 2

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This video includes 7 hrs of instruction on composition, color harmony, dramatic lighting, Photoshop compositing, painting in Photoshop, and how to bring it all together with team sports composites and over the top sports art! PDF notes, all project images, and elements are included so you can follow along as if you were in the workshop!

All source images and materials included for both attending and Video option
You will also receive an updated version of the General class notes for all classes.

Skill Level: Intermediate (you just need to understand where your tools are Located)

My Teaching style is great for a beginner or advanced student.
If you are one of the lucky ones to get an attending seat then you will get both workshop and videos.


Topics covered:

Dramatic lighting
Building backgrounds from scratch
Color Harmony
Traditional techniques emulated digitally
Traditional techniques applied on printed image
Painting in Photoshop
Painting in Corel Painter
Photoshop compositing
Emotional connection with concept
Digital output
Fine art presentation

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Files Included

  1. Download SturDaVinci SAC June 2014 Part_1.mp4
  2. Download SturDaVinci SAC June 2014 Part_2.mp4
  3. Download SturDaVinci SAC June 2014 Part_3.mp4
  4. Download SturDaVinci SAC June 2014 Part_4_A.mp4
  5. Download SturDaVinci SAC June 2014 Part_4_B.mp4
  6. Download SturDaVinci SAC June 2014 Part_5.mp4
  7. Download SturDaVinci SAC June 2014 Part_6 Ending.mp4
  8. Download 1st Project
  9. Download 2nd Project
  10. Download
  11. Download Richards Final Project PSD

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